Thursday, July 21, 2011

Extraordinary things only happen to extraordinary people

Hello, my lovely people!
I know I been absent for a long time but, I lost my camera's cable and my mom was on vacation so she wasn't able to upload my photos. But now she's back at work and you know what that means, a new blog post!!
Ok so this summer has been kind of relaxing but at the same time a little bit crazy. I have went shopping at  malls that are too far from home so they turn out into little road trips. I have went to the movies every week and I have been very pleased with every movie that I have seen so far (Super 8, Transformers, Bad Teacher and of course, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows). I read "The Virginity Club" and was better than what I expected, I really recommend it and I'm currently reading "The 5 people you meet in heaven". And the only time that I went to the beach I cut my leg with a glass and ended up getting 6 stitches on my leg. But I'm ok :)

So, how has been your summer so far? What place have you guys went or are planning to go? And what movies/books have you seen/read so far? Tell me all about it at the comment section below =)


Hola gente querida!
Se que he estado ausente por mucho tiendo, pero es que el cable de mi cámara se perdió y mi mama estaba de vacaciones así que no podía cargar las fotos en su computadora. Pero ahora regreso al trabajo y saben lo que eso significa, Un nuevo post para el blog!!

Este verano ha sido un poco relajante pero a la misma vez un poco loco. He ido a malls que se encuentran muy lejos de mi casa así que el camino se convertía un pequeños road trips. He ido al cine todas las semanas y he estado bastante complacida con las películas que he visto (Super 8, Transformers, Bad Teacher y por supuesto, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows). Leí "The Virginity Club" y sorprendentemente estaba mejor de lo que esperaba, yo realmente lo recomiendo. Y ahora estoy leyendo "The 5 people you meet in heaven". Y la única vez que decidí ir para la playa me corte el pie con un vidrio y me pusieron 3 puntos, pero estoy bien :)

Así que, como ha estado su verano? Que lugares han ido o planean ir? Y que películas/libros han visto/leído?

 Everything about this outfit is from Forever 21 and are birthday gifts that I recieved my friends (Except the sandals and ring, who I brought). 
Todo lo que llevo puesto es de Forever 21 y son regalos de cumpleaños que recibí de mis amistades. (Excepto por las sandalias y la sortija, que yo los compre).

With Puchungo/Con Puchungo

He is smiling for you guys :)/El esta sonriendo para ustedes :)

God Bless♥Aneirys


  1. I love your sandals. And that arrow ring is so cute. It sounds like you've definitely been making the most out of your summer! That's wonderful! Except for the cutting your foot at the beach part. I'm sure that must have been awful!

    Great blog btw!

  2. your shorts is so cute! and the top is so lovely :) love pink :)

  3. Love the whole outfit!! and loving that ring..I want oneeee!! :)

  4. Ah you have a lovely face!!! Very pretty!! And Oh MY GOD your puppy is adorable!!! I'm following you now (mainly in the hope i can see more puppy pictures! hahah)]
    Sam xx

  5. you have a pretty face :) and i like the shorts! and btw. you have sooo cute puppy :D

    have a nice day,

  6. Super cute outfit, and super duper cute puppy!

  7. girl!:) how are you? your shirt I super love.. I want a shirt like that..

  8. OMg i loove that shirt i rlly want it lol
    and that necklace is tooo cute i lovee it im going to follow u plz follwo me back :)

  9. those are some super cute shorts! you look so summery! i really love your website name, its awesome hahaha. and typically, im scared to death of dogs, but your dog is the cutest thing ever! =)


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