Friday, January 4, 2013

OOTD: 2 Atoms in a Molecule

Hello happy people!
Sometimes you ask for something and you get something else. I ask for an ombre hair I got one of 2006 Beyonce hairstyle. At first, I must admit, I cried but as time and lots of good compliments passed by I started to like it. And now I'm thinking of dying it completely blonde, but I don't know since having blonde hair is a really big responsibility. What do you guys thing, should I or shouldn't?

God Bless♥Aneirys


  1. I think dying your hair completely blonde is a good idea:))) it's a very big risk but sometimes they are the ones we adore in the end. Plus I love your dress here:)))


  2. and i think your hair is perfect actually dont change all in blonde :)

  3. you look lovely in that dress!

  4. Such a lovely dress! I really love your new hair this way you should keep it like that.


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