Thursday, June 20, 2013

OOTD: Cumpleaños

Dress: H&M
Hat: Ebay
Sandals: Forever 21
Bracelets: Awkward Heart
Ring: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Ebay

It's my birthday and I cry if I want to. And while I didn't filled my face with tears, I filled them with delicious barbecue sauce and ribs from Famous Dave's. Everything happened last Sunday were I celebrated my birthday at the same time as father's day. And while I may be getting too old for presents (sobbing) my mom still gets me the best ones ever: The Fridgularity and Dr. Birds's Advace for Sad Poets. Perfect timing since I finished reading the Uglies trilogy (1st book amazing, 2nd good, 3rd eh). I started reading The Fridgularity which makes me laugh in every page. And I got for myself this pretty H&M dress from New York. The moment an H&M store opens here in Puerto Rico that would make my heart very happy.

God Bless♥Aneirys


  1. Happy birthday! I hope I'm not too late. Belated birthday? I love your dress ... its so adorable and I love the color of your ring with your nail polish. Haha and the food looks amazing too :)

    (I'm a totally new blogger so if you have any suggestions please let me know!)

    1. Thanks, it's never too late lol. The food tasted amazing too hahaha.
      Love your header and background.

  2. feliz cumpleano! :) love the look! your hair is nice

  3. I completely love this outfit! That bag is amazing :)

    Happy belated birthday, btw!

  4. Happy belated birthday sweetie, the food looks yummy hope you enjoyed it :)
    Your dress is gorgeous, love it. And like you I would be sooo happy if H&M and Forever 21 could open here haha :)

  5. Felicidades atrasadas! Nice look,love the dress!

  6. that's just looks perfect together

  7. Felicidades atrasadas! Nice look,love the a line dress!

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  9. Gorgeous dress and lovely hat! Obsessed with those shoes <3 xx

  10. Happy belated birthday! I like your birthday outfit. Everything just seems to fit: the shape of your dress, the hat in combination with the dress etc. I like how the colours of your hair match with the colours of your sandals and your bracelets are fun and cute :)


  11. Love your hat and bag!

    Those ribs are making me so hungry!


  12. Fabulous owl outfit!! Meravigliosamente Retrò <3


  13. Beautiful dress! Hope you had an amazing birthday party :)


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