Sunday, January 8, 2012

OOTD: Hills Like White Elephants

Tank top/Camisilla:
Shirt/Camisa: Rave
Jeans: Forever 21
Purse/Cartera: Forever 21
Flats/Zapatillas: Payless
Necklace/Cadena: Romwe

Hello happy people!
Something simple for a day full of shopping. It was a little cold outside so I got the chance to add a little layering to my outfit. Puerto Rico is a tropical island, so this outfit represent just how "cold" it can get here, which is not much. Sometimes I wish I could live in New York so I could wrapped myself with multiple layers of clothing, because I really, really love fall/winter outfits. Anyways you can see my new purse which I bought on a Forever 21 shopping spree I did last week (this means lots of spring outfits!) and you can also see my little Puchungo, which is not so little anymore and has a new haircut. He has been very mischievous lately (breaking my shoes, waking me every morning, peeing where he is not supposed to pee) but his adorable face makes me forget about his wild ways.


Hola gente alegre!
Algo simple para un largo dia de compras. Hacia un poco de friito afuera asi que tuve la oportunidad de añadirle un "layer" a mi look. Puerto Rico es una isla tropical, asi que este look representa la cantidad de "frio" que puede hacer aqui, la cual no es mucho. A veces quisiera vivir en Nueva York, para asi poder envolverme en multiples capas de ropa, porque de verdad que me encanta mucho los looks de otoño/invierno. Anyway como pueden ver me compre una cartera nueva en un shopping spree que hice la semana pasada (esto quiere decir que tendre muchos looks de primavera para ustedes!) y tambien pueden ver a mi pequeño Puchungo, que no es tan pequeño y tiene un nuevo recorte. El ha estado un poco travieso ultimamente (rompiendo mis zapatos, levantandome todas las mañanas, orinandose donde no debe orinarse) pero su adorable carita me hace olvidar de sus incontrolable travesuras.

God Bless♥Aneirys


  1. haha we can't blame them they are so cute!! I think we've the same weather when it gets cold here it's not that much and I also wish I could live in a place where it's much colder :/
    Anyway I love your purse, forever 21 has cute and colourful stuff I think they would have been my favorite place to shop if there was one here

  2. Te entiendo completamente, a veces quisiera vivir en otro sitio para poder combinar las capas <3 pero que no fuese frio siempre xD y mis perritas también hacen lo que les da la gana y luego te miran con carita de yo no fui y a uno se le olvida.
    Excelente elección para ir de compras, está precioso tu nuevo bolso y me encantan tus zapatillas <3

    Saludos :)

  3. Your dog is so cute!
    I love this outfit, it's so cute and that bag is just marvelous (actually that's too big of a word to use when describing a bag lol but what ever) it's so pretty.


  4. And about my nails they never stay long for a long period so I enjoy when I can haha. At the time I'm writing one on my right hand is broken :/


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